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Seamless across web and mobile. Integration of properties automatically

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Mobile centric agent software

Trusted by Indian Realtors, Brokers and Agents.

  • cloud-download Cloud-based software

    Seamless access from any web browser on desktop / laptop or even mobile. Download our custom apps for Android and IOS for the best experience.

  • 360-movie 360° Customer view

    Comprehensive view of contacts, leads, properties and projects to make better decisions. Record and track all interactions and share information.

  • team Contacts and Leads

    Sync contacts from Google and WhatsApp. Get to know your contacts better and qualify your leads with data and insights.

  • property Property Management

    One Step ahead with a single view of visits, engagements and feedback with notes from team members. Analysis and sharing features enabled

  • automation Automation

    Pre-formatted logic for automation in leads, search, reporting and properties saves hours of manual work. Create your own automation's for saving searches.

  • whatsapp WhatsApp

    Web WhatsApp for managing your team communication thru a single unified box

Discoveri CRM

Features designed to make life easier for realtors.

Without regard to financial constraints, we support each agent's empowerment. To make it more accessible to cutting-edge technology, we focus on providing free real estate CRM software. Unrestrictedly realize your possibilities.

Intuitive Lead Management: Using intuitive lead management, you can effortlessly prioritize and arrange leads to convert prospects into long-term customers.

By using smart automation to maintain connections with your clients even even though you're not at your desk, you can stay at the forefront of their minds.

Make absolutely sure no detail is happened to miss by streamlining the closing process with real-time transaction monitoring.

With our mobile-friendly CRM, you can manage your business while on the road and accomplish things at your fingertips.

Personalize the CRM to meet your specific requirements and design a system that ideally complements your corporate objectives.

Tailored for Success

Our CRM is your individualized real estate assistant—it's more than simply software. Utilize answers to problems that adjust to your workflow to efficiently and effectively manage interactions, digitalize follow-ups, and continue to stay ahead of the curve. It's comparable to having a committed staff that works nonstop to make sure you accomplish.

Experience the Best Real Estate CRM on Mobile

Download the app today.

Virtual Assistant

Take the help of remote support to keep your data up to date and close leads quickly

Agents Challenges

  • No time to manage data
  • Rely on WhatsApp and mobile calls
  • Difficult to sync and integrate information
  • Scale remains limited


  • Virtual support to add information to CRM
  • Agent gets data in structured format
  • Simple sharing link
  • Add information via WhatApp access

Pricing starts at ₹2,000 monthly ( first 3 months free)

  • 100 listings entered in to the system monthly
  • Sharing of updates on weekly basis with agents on listings
  • 20 leads/contacts entered

Real Estate CRM Pricing

Competitive pricing for all organizations ( Billed Annually in advance)
Free for individual realtors for life within reasonable limits.



Plan Price: ₹0

  • 1 User
  • 1000 Contacts
  • 100 Properties
  • Support via tickets
  • GST as applicable will be extra

₹ 6,000 / year

Plan Price: ₹7,500 (20% off)

  • 2 User
  • 5000 Contacts
  • 500 Properties
  • Support via tickets
  • GST as applicable will be extra

₹ 12,600 / year

Plan Price: ₹18,000 (30% off)

  • 4 User
  • 20000 Contacts
  • 2000 Properties
  • Support via tickets
  • GST as applicable will be extra

₹ 24,050 / year

Plan Price: ₹37,000 (35% off)

  • 10 User
  • 100000 Contacts
  • 10000 Properties
  • Support via tickets
  • GST as applicable will be extra

Choose a plan which works best for you. You can upgrade/downgrade anytime by writing to [email protected] and opportunity to list properties on discoveri.one. Sell, buy, rent residential apartments, commercial properties, industrial and lands. Free listing on discoveri.one


Here's what our customers
have to say

"We have been using Discoveri CRM for a few months now and are pleased with its ease of use and the responsiveness of the team. The entire team gets notifications for changes and updates and it also helps us finding the right property for our customers so that we can focus on our core business of closing the deal” said Vibhav Nayak, Partner, Elite Realty, Goa."

Vibhav Nayak
Vibhav Nayak
Elite Realty, Partner

“DiscoveriCRM is the first CRM we have used and the team has been responsive to the changes we needed as well as support required to learn it. We hope it keeps moving forward.”

Vikas Deorah
Vikas Deorah
Property Goa, Owner

“As a solopreneur I find DiscoveriCRM very easy to use especially since its available on both Android and IOS. It helps me manage my leads and properties effectively.”

Sudeep D'Souza
Sudeep D'Souza
EMT Realty Goa, Partner

Frequently Asked Questions

    • Why should I choose DiscoveriCRM?

      Mea Vita Ventures built DiscoveriCRM to make real estate planning and acquisition simpler. Our technology can help in making the experience far better for initially agents and then customers.

    • Does the CRM work anywhere in India?

      The CRM is designed to work anywhere in India across web and mobile platforms. We use the postal system of pin codes to identify areas and localities to enable easy search and access. This list is also getting constantly updated.

    • How does it compare with competition?

      Our competition includes specialized real estate CRM’s, Generic CRM’s, Excel sheets but probably the biggest competitor is WhatsApp. We are offering a free account for users to experience our difference.

    • How many contacts, employees can I add?

      We have different packages based on contacts, properties etc. and these details are available in the pricing section. The CRM is designed to work anywhere in India across web and mobile platforms. Every postal code and available locality is mapped for easy search and find

    • Is this platform only for real estate agents?

      Only Real estate agents can signup and manage their properties on the platform. However real estate associations can also signup and create their own portal. Please drop us an email at [email protected] for more information

    • How do I Register and what documents do I need?

      Registration is free and a simple process. You will be given a unique id and email for login. The admin’s email and mobile no needs to be verified and GST details entered in case a GST bill is required

    • How do I migrate from my current CRM

      Migration from your current CRM will always be a challenge and will require some support from your existing provider as well as help from our support team. Drop us an email at [email protected] and we will see what we can do.

    • Can I login using a personal or business email address?

      You may login with your Personal or Business email address. Once email is registered, it has to be active to receive all your Discoveri Account related information.

Please write to us at [email protected] for any queries